The green energy technology

Bio fusion was produced from biomass which has maintained material from natural and it is processed in a closed system for grinding, baking and storing that resulting in a highly efficient fuel and environmental friendly.

The costs reduction about fuel energy

There has used volumes less than solid fuel but provides a higher heating with high efficiently burning. When it has switching to Bio Fusion, it will provide businesses for save fuel.

Saving transportation cost

Because the production of Bio Fusion have grinding and compressing the fuel to be small particles. Thus, Bio Fusion transportation for each round can be carry larger quantities than general solid fuel energy.

The green energy technology
The costs reduction about fuel energy
Saving transportation cost

What is Bio Fusion?

The green energy technology with new choice for industries

      According to the green energy technology with new choice for industries, in this present, the industrial has been facing a sluggish situation. The business need to looking for new fuel alternatives for reduce costs to business.

      The Premium Energy Corporation Company Limited has foresees the importance of this point. Therefore, there have conducting research studies with leading universities in Thailand and abroad until produced energy for industrial fuels which called Bio Fusion as green energy fuel. It also helps entrepreneurs have save fuel costs more than before. 

Working Process

For a preliminary assessment, request information.
Make an appointment to visit the factory for an evaluation.
Install and assess the results.

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Our Solution for your Business

Cost Down

With the efficiency of Bio Fusion provides the heat value is 5,000 – 6,500 Kcal / Kg (ARB) which it is higher than general solid fuel. There have resulted to reduce less consumption and save the costs but more efficient. 

If your plant is having problems about fuel costs, consult us!

Technical Support

Bio Fusion has an expert teams who can consult and maintenance systems from the installation step to usage step to achieve the highest efficiency and safety within your plant.

Your factory is need Energy advisor, right? Please call us!

Encourage a good image to your business

Due to the current problem of greenhouse effect and global warming, it is classified as one of the main world’s problems and in the industrial sector, they still need to work continue. This is an important opportunity that you can create a good image for your factory and help increasing value to product as well.

Change your factory as a green plant and increasing the value of business to society, consult us!

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